How to help and contribute to the story

Contributions to the story of the UK sports & leisure centre are invited from those involved in past or present centres.

The following are of particular interest:

Centres that:

  • Were different or ground-breaking in some way in their time
  • have been recently refurbished or replaced

Details of:

  • Forward thinking leaders associated with centres in their time
  • The challenges and opportunities for, and activities of, current centre managers
  • Simply relevant or amusing anecdotes or snippets about sport centre life!
APPROPRIATE PHOTOGRAPHS are very welcome (jpegs or older print or slide copies for digitalising).

To contribute information please use the form alongside to indicate the nature of the information and give your name etc. and email address for contact OR post to the editorial address:

SLLP c/o L&R
11 Cove Road
West Sussex, BN16 2QW

For up-to-date information on the development of “Harlow to K2 and Beyond” go to the NEWS section of this website.

This project is sponsored by S+P Architects, the international sports and leisure architects.


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